EDGE is AKA's multi-channel data mining system that also delivers vital applications and services to enhance English communication.

Multi-channel Data Mining


Picto is an app that connects English learners with teachers directly. The exercise displays stunning photos and prompts users to describe them in English, and offers immediate corrections on grammar, syntax and usage from professional editors.

EDGE Writings is an English editing service where the essay submission is done through an easy-to-use web-based editor, in which you can copy-and-paste, write and even save drafts for future review.

EDGE Listening specializes in preparing students for the listening sections of tests like TOEIC, TOEFL, OPic, and other English tests.

For the first time ever, speaking practice for tests is available on your mobile phone. EDGE Speaking is speaking test preparation application where you can practice speaking in an actual test setting.

EDGE 2 EDGE is an educational application for English conversation using voice recognition technology and videos. You can learn English expressions as if you are talking to a native speaker.

EDGE TOEFL provides a unique experience unlike any other TOEFL preparation service. We analyze each student's test scores and tailor the practice exercises to improve the skills where they perform poorly.