BACH AI DATABetter AI data and Commercializing with High performance

Crowdsourcing methods involving end users are likely to result in poor quality data even for large amounts.
Poor quality makes it impossible to commercialize and inevitably results in junk data.
We prioritize quality over quantity. Using the knowledge and experience obtained from seven years of commercializing AI services and labeling data Bach AI DATA wants to provide high-quality data for product development and commercialization.

input image
1. Data Input

Once a topic is selected for commercialization, our AI engine and professional editors generate data that fits that topic according to our own methodologies.

learn image
2. Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning technology allows AI to present multiple outputs on a particular topic and allows professionals to learn and select the most appropriate ones.

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3. Data Quality Assurance

The AI learning process is followed by cross-validation with professionals using objectified indicators and self-developed inspection systems, extensively inspecting and modifying them.

BACH's Data Scalability

Instead of a typical dataset that supports one output per input, BACH supports multiple outputs per input, allowing the learning data to be scaled radially.

nodes image
Cumulated data (elements)


cell image
Cumulated data (cells)


cellarium image
Cumulated data (cellariums)


※ These figures are updated every 15th and 30th of every month.

Why should you choose BACH AI DATA?

BACH focuses on commercialization and pursues concessions to present its own high-quality AI solution, as well as a corpus collection and processing system for language education.

BACH's Competetive Advantages

A comparison of the conversation dataset to a table shows the difference in data volume, quality, and scalability. The conversation dataset processing has unmatched scalability.

bachtable image

The following graph provides a comparison of foreign companies. It shows that our engine's performance is a world-class level.

Total number of spoken sentences bachgraph1 image
A variety of vocabulary usages bachgraph2 image
Total number of unique conversations bachgraph3 image

Examples of Customized Corpus Solutions

Personalized AI solutions tailored to the needs of your customers through consulting. For language education, the solutions are presented as follows:

bachsolution image

Assessing students' skills using internationally recognized evaluation indicators.
e.g. TOEFL Juinor, Lexile Level, CEFR, etc.

Analyze the proper data according to each student's level.

Data-driven analysis of curriculum, textbooks, and teaching methods is conducted by converting them into data.

Provide a corpus of data tailored to the needs of each clients.

Providing a continuous, on-off-line experience.

Conversation practices can be conducted anywhere, anytime.

Bach provides real-time recommendations for answers.

Anyone can practice English conversation in a variety of ways.

Solution Examples

This is an example use cases in an actual application based on above examples.

Repetitive Learning Corpus

A variety of vocabulary and sentence corpus can be provided for repeated learning according to a specified curriculum. muse image

Role Play Corpus

The AI provides a corpus of multiple recommended sentences when you have to answer a sentence. muse image

Free Chat Corpus

We can offer a conversation corpus where you can freely discuss a specific topic.

muse image

Business Types of Data Labeling

As well as the text labeling (conversation set processing) described above, various data labeling is possible, such as image and image labeling as well as voice labeling.

Text Data Labeling

By means of our proprietary NLP technology, our AI Engine collects, classifies, analyzes, labels, and provides a variety of solutions that are necessary for TTS or VoC text analysis.

Image & Video Labeling

We collect and sort images by context and object, and then provide the data for Bounding Box technology or segmentation.

Audio Data Labeling

The system collects and analyzes voices by subject, classifies and analyzes them through editing, and then provides solutions so they can be employed in various ways, such as STT technology and voice guidance chatbot technology.

Commercialization of Labeling Data

The data processed by our engine can be commercialized in various fields as follows.

AI Robot

Language Education

AI Chatbot


Autonomous Driving

Smart City

Bach Business Overview

Several organizations have requested our AI solutions, and we are currently attracting partners by extending core areas such as Visual Question Answering (VQA) and Question Answering with Image Scene Graphs (GQA) as well as corpus data.

bachbusiness image

Bach Process

Through AI consulting, we provide data quickly and easily with a systematic processing and inspection system.

Data Processing Outline

The AI platform data labeling service, conducted with language professional editors, enables accurately labeled data collections to be used in machine learning models.

bach process outline
Data Quailty Assurance

Our AI inspection engine and dual total inspection system boast high accuracy and data quality.

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